For a long time now I have worked with light: its physical qualities, the meaning of light, and the profound impact that access to light has on our lives. Light is energy and energy is power.

Every artist should feel like they would make a significant impact on the worlds. However, while doing for almost half of my life I've notices tha the intention as a lighting artist is to make space tangible and to create playful works that demonstrate time and dimension.

Lighting is just one phase of the larger production pipeline. It is the lighting artist job to build upon the work of the other artists while enhancing and supporting their work. It takes a careful eye for detail to produce a beautifully lit sequence that feels natural and exudes the intended mood and atmosphere of the scene.

This is a skill that can be built upon knowledge and experience but requires an individual with great instincts for storytelling and characterization.

Working with lighting design is always a pleasure. However, instead of designing with the light we have to compose with it. It's like music: Musicians take the elements that nature has already created, and they make a composition. In lighting, we have the same possibility.

Light embraces all disciplines. It's not the main actor, but it is the link that makes it possible for other things to happen. There are many kinds of light, and they are all real. This creates the possibility of deeper dialogue. A businessman would say that light is money. A priest, on the otehr hand, would say the light is faith.

Light affects everything and being able to risk ourselves to make some kind of mistake, makes us even better lighting designers. We cannot be good lighting designers if we are not able to dare and to feel it.



Fazer projetos elevando a linha orgânica unindo os diversos elementos da natureza com a vida humana, de acordo com as necessidades e desejos dos nossos clientes.



Somos um pequeno escritório de arquitetura voltado para a linha orgânica com o objetivo de levar mais humanização aos ambientes, onde o homem e a natureza são o centro do projeto.



  • Ética;
  • Ecofriendly;
  • Profissionalismo;
  • Deadline garantido.